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In case of LOSS for any reason of ANY your LIFE-TIME LICENSE KEY
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you will LOSE all rights to UPDATES your software, or DOWNLOAD it again,

also you will spontaneously give up asking for a Refund, or a New LIFE-TIME license key.

Our license keys are UNIQUE and assigned to the single person,
and you will always be the ONLY responsible for LOSS or SHARING.

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This software was made by GALTH & CLOUDEND STUDIO
All rights reserved ©
It is absolutely forbidden to share this software with other people,
each software has an identification number inside that allows you to trace the source to anyone who uses it forbidden.


(Some demonstration videos may show old game patches, and previous versions of our software, consequently may not show many new codes add. This will depend on when the video was first created, if the use of our software remains the same for us it makes no sense to record new videos, these videos need only to show the correct use of our software, moreover our software are and will always be up to date).


YOUTUBE Demonstrative Video:

REMNANT FROM THE ASHES: https://youtu.be/5qNuSv9jbbI



They will be sent to your purchase e-mail

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E-MAIL: cloudend-studio@hotmail.com



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This Software has been tested exclusively in OFFLINE MODE, if you decide to use it online, you will take on ALL the responsibilities.

We do NOT support and will NEVER support the use of our software ONLINE.

This software has been tested exclusively for the STEAM platform.
It will probably work with other platforms, but we can not take any responsibility if used with other platforms than STEAM.


We will never make refunds for incorrect purchases, incorrect platforms, or violation of our rules.
In case of loss of the software or license key, we may still help you by contacting us by e-mail.


Never share your license key with anyone, this would have serious consequences such as:

invalidating the license and permanently banning our services.

You are always the one and only responsible for your license key, even in case of loss.


DO NOT use the SOFTWARE ONLINE, we do not take responsibility for any BAN,

we recommend using Offline, nor would it be corrected against other players.


CLOUDEND STUDIO will NEVER support the use of our software online!
Not least the bad use, such as spoiling the gaming experience with other players using our codes.
Our software is created solely to facilitate the player to completing his favorite game avoiding frustrating hours of play.
We always hope that our software is always used sparingly and NEVER online, with the utmost respect for the online community.


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    How a Chargeback Happens
    If a customer or financial institution disputes an outgoing payment and that payment is refunded to the customer, this is known as a chargeback.

    We treat these types of practices very strictly and can not always be accepted,

    in case this happens we reserve the right without any notice and at our complete discretion:

    - Cancel any of our license keys for life

    - Loss of any of our software updates purchased
    - Permanent disabling of our software also offline
    - Ban permanent from our services
    - Exclusion indefinitely from our forums

    We remember in addition that we can apply these practices even for trying a charback without success.






    Before you activate the button with the name of the code "REMEMBER BEFORE WRITING A VALUE "If Available" then you can CLICK! (IMPORTANT!!)


    1°) SCRAPS / CRAFT: Load the Game -> Open our software -> Choose the value -> then click "Scraps / Craft" for Enable/Disable.Choose any VALUE you want -> Go to any vendor and BUY whatever you want and you will get the desired value.You can also decide to use this code before upgrading or crafting anything, if you do you will get the value you chooseboth in the GOLD and in the MATERIALS used to CRAFT or IMPROVE that particular item.


    2°) TRAIT POINTS: Load the Game -> Choose the value -> then click "Trait Points" for Enable/Disable.Choose any VALUE you want -> OPEN & CLOSE the game menu -> Go to the menu of the Trait Points and get the desired value.


    3°) EXP: Load the Game -> Open our software -> Choose the value -> then click "Exp" for Enable/Disable.To get the desired value you will have to KILL any ENEMY of your choice, at his death you will get the chosen EXP.


    4°) SET TIMER MISSION: Load the Game -> Open our software -> Choose the value -> then click "Set Timer Mission" for Enable/Disable.You will notice some missions that are timed, for some you will have to save someone within a certain time, for others it will be better to stop the timer.To modify the timer during the relative missions you can write the currency in Seconds "30 Second = 30" "1:50 Sec = 110" "2 Min = 120" Etc.


    5°) EVERYTHING TO USE: Load the Game -> Open our software -> Choose the value -> then click "Everything To Use" for Enable/Disable.Choose any VALUE you want, after USING any item, such as from your RAPID ITEMS MENU, you will get the desired Value.It will also work on the DRAGON HEART.


    6°) EVERYTHING TO SELL: Load the Game -> Open our software -> Choose the value -> then click "Everything To Sell" for Enable/Disable.After SELLING Any ITEM from a vendor you will get the desired value. Useful for quickly obtaining minerals, potions or anything even Rare! IMPORTANT -> you will need to have AT LEAST 2 items of the same before SELLING, Otherwise the item will be CONSUMED and the code will NOT Work.


    7°) EASY CRAFT: Load the Game -> Open our software -> then click "Easy Craft" for Enable/Disable,Go to the BLACKSMITH and build what you want even if you don't have the required materials.Remember that if you HAVE the materials they will continue to be CONSUMED, you can easily use the code "SCRAPS / CRAFT"to turn them into the value you want, alternatively you can also use the code "EVERYTHING TO SELL" to get the items lost through the sale!


    8°) INFINITE HEALTH: Load the Game -> Open our software -> then click "Infinite Health" for Enable/Disable,As long as this code is enabled your HEALTH will go to the MAXIMUM and YOU will be IMMORTAL!


    9°) EASY WIN: Load the Game -> Open our software -> then click "Easy Win" for Enable/Disable.WARNING -> Only the FIRST time after activating this code, YOU CAN be killed with 1 Hit, BUT leave this code active, when you come back to life you WILL be IMMORTAL and your Health will be brought to its FULLEST + 1 Hit Killshot Any Enemy!TIP -> If you want to AVOID DYING, activate first the code "INFINITE HEALTH" and after BEING HIT, you can Deactivate it & activate "EASY WIN"this will PREVENT you from DYING from the FIRST activation of this code.


    10°) INFINITE STAMINA: Load the Game -> Open our software -> then click "Infinite Stamina" for Enable/Disable,Your STAMINA will be brought to its FULLEST instantly, you can dodge and run without having to worry about your bar running out,and as long as this code remains active it will also affect your AMMO which will be ENDLESS as long as the code remains enabled.


    11°) INFINITE AMMO: Load the Game -> Open our software -> then click "Infinite Ammo" for Enable/Disable.Any of your AMMO will be INFINITE, furthermore if your Ammunition are already terminated before enabling the code you will be automatically loaded.


    12°) EASY WEAPONS: Load the Game -> Open our software -> then click "Easy Weapons" for Enable/Disable,This code will allow you to use Any Weapon more Easily, you won't have to worry about doing anything even to recharge it,besides your Ammunition will be endless! This will allow you to concentrate only on shooting!


    13°) 1 HIT MOD WEAPON: Load the Game -> Open our software, then click "1 Hit Mod Weapon" for Enable/Disable.After HITTING an ENEMY your MOD WEAPON will fill up immediately allowing you to be able to re-use its special power as many times as you want.


    14°) INFINITE BUFF: Load the Game -> Open our software -> then click "Infinite Buff" for Enable/Disable.Any BUFF TIME you get will be infinite, and his timer will reach maximum, as long as this code is active.


    15°) STEALTH MODE: Load the Game -> Open our software -> then click "Stealth Mode" for Enable/Disable.This powerful code will allow you to be INVISIBLE to the Eyes of Enemies, even from Boss and Monsters that are generated by Boss.Have fun moving anywhere without ever being attacked or disturbed by any enemy, have fun killing them!IMPORTANT -> In order for the code to work, you will need to use it BEFORE being seen by a monster and getting aggro.



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