After verification of payment, the product will be delivered to the email you used to make the purchase.

If your purchase is successful, you will immediately receive a link where you can download the product you have purchased.

In addition, you will be sent FREE OF CHARGE to your purchase email all future UPDATES of the software you have purchased.




WARNING: Our Software will NOT  be compatible with PLAYSTATION / XBOX / ANY STREAMING SERVICE.

- Installation Requirements -- Open Folder->Right Click on 1 Fonts->Install->Then Install 2 Fonts.


- Start Game -> Only AFTER that you can start the trainer!
- Read Instruction Manual for any Problem the Trainer WORK! use brain!


- For any problem, Exclude our Software from yours Antivirus & Firewall these can cause a malfunction or remove the Software because as seen as a threat, The Software is completely SAFE from virus!!


- This Software is only processed for MONITOR 15.6 Inches or ABOVE, cause we want a calibrated interface and detailed to give a greater sense of order to our customers.


- For any problems do not hesitate to contact us:


- If the creators of the game decide to make game updates, the trainer may stop working totally or partially,

we will take care to issue an update as soon as possible.


- It's safer to use our trainer offline, we do not take any responsibility for misusing it, such as: Ban Vac, Wrong Purchase, Trainer Lost, Problems with Hardware Components, Platform Error (This is only tested For STEAM)

could still work with different platforms, in none of these cases we make refunds.


By purchasing ANY of our products, including PRE-ORDERS,

you AGREE to spontaneously GIVE UP any possibility of REFOUND, even in the case of:

Wrong Purchase.
- Payment Unknown.
- Wrong Use Platform.
- Loss Of The License Key.
- Problems With Your Hardware.
- Problems With Your Security Systems Such As Antivirus Etc.
Difficulties Or Errors In The Use Of Our Software.
- Permanent Or Temporary BAN From The Online Services Of The Related Games & Platforms Of Use.
(Our software are designed and tested to be used exclusively offline, therefore we do not assume any responsibility in case of incorrect or prohibited use by our regulations).

This happens because being digital goods our software and our License Keys do NOT provide ANY REFUND.

In case of any of the following problems you can contact us at our support
We also remind you that our assistance will be exclusively in ENGLISH or ITALIAN.
(Any other support request that is not in the languages ​​described will be automatically ignored).

Notwithstanding that the final decision on the support that we decide to undertake will be exclusively at our discretion.


We Accept Payments: Paypal - Visa - Mastercard - American Express - Sofort


How a Chargeback Happens
If a customer or financial institution disputes an outgoing payment and that payment is refunded to the customer, this is known as a chargeback.

We treat these types of practices very strictly and can not always be accepted,

in case this happens we reserve the right without any notice and at our complete discretion:

Cancel any of our license keys for life

- Loss of any of our software updates purchased

- Permanent disabling of our software also offline
- Ban permanent from our services
- Exclusion indefinitely from our forums

We remember in addition that we can apply these practices even for trying a chargeback without success.


Our trainers are created by GALTH & CLOUDEND STUDIO
All rights reserved ©
It is absolutely
forbidden to share this trainer with other people,
each software has an
identification number inside that allows you to trace the source to anyone who uses it forbidden.

Never share your license key with anyone, this would have serious consequences such as: invalidating the license and permanently banning our services.

In case of LOSS of our software, we will still be able to help you with a new download link,

by writing to us through our E-MAIL or through our LIVE-CHAT and only after authenticating the validity of your order.


However in case of LOSS of your LICENSE KEY, there will be NO possibility of recovery,

this is because our LIFE-TIME LICENSE KEYS are unique and ONLY the legitimate owner will be aware of it.
Our company will
NEVER store any of your license keys,
according to our EULA on privacy.

You are always the one and ONLY responsible for your LICENSE KEYS, even in case of SHARE or LOSS.



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