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(This link will UNLOCK additional payment methods if you don't have a card):


We are pleased to announce our LICENSE KEY RECOVERY SERVICE by popular demand.

This service is created exclusively for users who have already purchased our software, but have DELETED or LOST their LIFE-TIME LICENSE KEY.

In accordance with our EULA, which must be accepted before any purchase, each user is responsible for their own LIFE-TIME LICENSE KEY, even in case of LOSS or UNAUTHORIZED SHARING,

the end user must always take FULL responsibility for this.

However, due to the more frequent LOSS of the LIFE-TIME LICENSE KEY by our users we have decided to create an external service that will allow the RECOVER your LOSS LIFE-TIME LICENSE KEY, or if it is impossible to recover, our staff will automatically REPLACE it by permanently ELIMINATING the OLD ONE in the shortest possible time.

However this service cannot be free,
this is because it will commit our team to authenticate the end user,
in order to avoid UNAUTHORIZED SHARING phenomena that would lead to serious consequences for those who use it.

This service wants to be a lifeline for those who can't keep their license keys, or for really serious cases, so we invite our users NOT to abuse of this service.

For more information we invite you to read our EULA at the following address:

For a clearer understanding, we leave you to a series of QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS about this service:


1) Q: I bought my license key recovery service what should I do now?

A: Just connect to our WEBSITE:
and write to us through our LIVE-CHAT, our operators will make sure that your orders are valid
and that you really were in possession of a LICENSE KEY in the past, and ONLY then start the recovery in REAL TIME.

2) Q: If I buy 1 recovery service I can restore several license keys?

A: Absolutely NO, 1 recovery service is valid for ONLY 1 LICENSE KEY,
this service is not intended to be speculative,

but authenticating all your license keys takes time and time is money for the worker.
We repeat this service must be the last resort for those who have NO WAY to recover their license keys, and not a way to avoid making your own backups.

3) Q: How long will it take before my KEY is reset?

A: Generally within 1 hour, but in case of difficulty in authenticating the user or key up to 48 hours.

4) Q: I received a NEW LICENSE KEY because the staff was impossible to restore my old KEY,

but now I have found my old KEY, what use?

A: You will only be able to use the new one, the old one will be deleted automatically,
however trying to use it will be considered UNAUTHORIZED SHARING,

and this will lead to a permanent BAN from our services,
on this point we are extremely strict, we have warned you!

5) Q: After purchasing your service, there is a TIME LIMIT for contacting you and restoring my key?

A: YES, You must contact us within 1 month of your purchase,
if for any reason you do NOT use this service your order will be CANCELED and you will LOSE the RIGHT to a REFUND of the same service.

6) Q: You have identified my order as valid, why should I PAY back my LICENSE KEY?

A: Because behind a RECOVERY LICENSE KEY there is a LOT of work

and many checks to avoid UNAUTHORIZED SHARING,
this would significantly slow down our work, furthermore BEFORE purchasing
you are warned of this, and you must necessarily accept the relative check,
therefore the responsibility will pass totally to you after downloading the first time your file and your LICENSE KEY.


7) Q: Ok all clear, but where do I find my LICENSE KEY I have never received it!

A: Your LICENSE KEY can ONLY be FOUND inside your 1st download folder

and will NEVER be sent or stored by our staff!
When you purchase a software or more than one, the relative LICENSE KEY is automatically issued and indelibly associated with your purchase E-MAIL and therefore with your person,
we should also check the validity of your order or whether this LICENSE KEY is being used while you request it, beyond the various checks to verify UNAUTHORIZED SHARING,
the RECOVERY LICENSE KEY for us consists in digging deep into your order history and search which KEY has been associated with your NAME,
but it is NOT always possible, so it may happen that we should issue a NEW ONE.


€ 30,99Price




    How a Chargeback Happens
    If a customer or financial institution disputes an outgoing payment and that payment is refunded to the customer, this is known as a chargeback.

    We treat these types of practices very strictly and can not always be accepted,

    in case this happens we reserve the right without any notice and at our complete discretion:

    - Cancel any of our license keys for life

    - Loss of any of our software updates purchased
    - Permanent disabling of our software also offline
    - Ban permanent from our services
    - Exclusion indefinitely from our forums

    We remember in addition that we can apply these practices even for trying a charback without success.


    - Before buying this product

    you DECLARE that you have READ and ACCEPTED of your own free will our

    EULA / REFUND POLICY and the following notes:


    By purchasing ANY of our PRODUCTS, including PRE-ORDERS,

    you AGREE to spontaneously GIVE UP any possibility of REFOUND, even in the case of:

    - Wrong Purchase
    - Payment Unknown
    - Wrong Use Platform
    - Loss Of The License key
    - Problems With Your PC Hardware / Software
    - Problems With Your Security Systems Such As Antivirus Etc.
    - Difficulties Or Errors In The Use Of Our Software
    - Permanent or Temporary BAN from the Online services of the Related Games & Platforms of Use.
    (Our software is designed and tested to be used exclusively offline, therefore we do not assume any responsibility in case of incorrect or prohibited use by our regulations).

    This is because being digital goods our software and our License keys do NOT provide ANY REFUND.

    In case of any of the following problems you can contact us at our support E-MAIL:
    We also remind you that our assistance will be exclusively in ENGLISH or ITALIAN language.
    (Any other support request that is not in the languages ​​described will be automatically ignored).

    Notwithstanding that the final decision on the support that we decide to undertake will be exclusively at our discretion.

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