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In case of LOSS for any reason of ANY your LIFE-TIME LICENSE KEY
"that you can find inside your FIRST download, between the various software files"
you will LOSE all rights to UPDATES your software, or DOWNLOAD it again,

also you will spontaneously give up asking for a Refund, or a New LIFE-TIME license key.

Our license keys are UNIQUE and assigned to the single person,
and you will always be the ONLY responsible for LOSS or SHARING.

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ONE PIECE WORLD SEEKER: https://youtu.be/cPJhzWFz4FA



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We do NOT support and will NEVER support the use of our software ONLINE.

This software has been tested exclusively for the STEAM  platform.
It will probably work with other platforms, but we can not take any responsibility if used with other platforms than STEAM.


We will never make refunds for incorrect purchases, incorrect platforms, or violation of our rules.
In case of loss of the software or license key, we may still help you by contacting us by e-mail.


Never share your license key with anyone, this would have serious consequences such as:

invalidating the license and permanently banning our services.

You are always the one and only responsible for your license key, even in case of loss.


DO NOT use the SOFTWARE ONLINE, we do not take responsibility for any BAN,

we recommend using Offline, nor would it be corrected against other players.


CLOUDEND STUDIO will NEVER support the use of our software online!
Not least the bad use, such as spoiling the gaming experience with other players using our codes.
Our software is created solely to facilitate the player to completing his favorite game avoiding frustrating hours of play.
We always hope that our software is always used sparingly and NEVER online, with the utmost respect for the online community.

ONE PIECE WORLD SEEKER (Ver. 1.4.0) Cheat Software (LIFE-TIME KEY)

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    How a Chargeback Happens
    If a customer or financial institution disputes an outgoing payment and that payment is refunded to the customer, this is known as a chargeback.

    We treat these types of practices very strictly and can not always be accepted,

    in case this happens we reserve the right without any notice and at our complete discretion:

    - Cancel any of our license keys for life

    - Loss of any of our software updates purchased
    - Permanent disabling of our software also offline
    - Ban permanent from our services
    - Exclusion indefinitely from our forums

    We remember in addition that we can apply these practices even for trying a charback without success.







    Before you activate the button with the name of the code "REMEMBER BEFORE WRITING A VALUE "If Available" then you can CLICK! (IMPORTANT!!)





    1°) ABILITY POINTS: Load the Game -> Open our software, Choose the value -> then click "Ability Points" for Enable/Disable.
    (Max Value 999999999) Choose any VALUE you want -> enter the game menu -> go in the section on your Ability Points ->
    DISABLE this code, exit and Re-Enter your menu and watch the change!


    2°) EVERYTHING: Load the Game -> Open our software -> Choose the value -> then click "Everything" for Enable/Disable.
    Choose any VALUE you want -> enter the Game Menu -> go in the section MATERIAL ->
    Any MATERIALS you LOOK DIRECTLY, this will change in the Value you CHOOSE!


    3°) ANGEL MODE: Load the Game -> Open our software -> Choose the value "from 50 up to 3000 Max" -> then click "Angel Mode" for Enable/Disable.
    This powerful code will allow you to fly anywhere you want, overcoming any obstacle, and will allow you to get to any place in a short time,
    also useful for reaching high places and obtaining otherwise difficult treasures and rewards,
    or simply to overcome various obstacles and shorten the your path.
    WARINGS -> If your character remains stationary while the code is active, put a larger Value
    this happens if the value you enter is Lower than the Height you are in the game.


    4°) EASY CRAFT: Load the Game -> Open our software -> then click "Easy Craft" for Enable/Disable.
    Activate this code BEFORE talking to a crafter such as "USOPP, FRANKY or SANJI" -> after talk to them and create any material you wish for free!
    NOTE -> You will not consume any material you have in your inventory, and when you disable the code, everything will return to normal.


    5°) INFINITE ITEMS: Load the Game -> Open our software -> then click "Infinite Items" for Enable/Disable.
    Whatever material you use is infinite, and will not be consumed!


    6°) INFINITE JUMP: Load the Game -> Open our software, then click "Infinite Jump" for Enable/Disable.
    This extraordinary code will allow your character to perform a DOUBLE JUMP to INFINITY, even if there are no Walls!
    You can reach unreachable places, Hidden Treasure Chests, Overcome Obstacles and Walls, or simply avoid ending up at the bottom of the Sea!


    7°) INFINITE HEALTH: Load the Game -> Open our software -> then click "Infinite Health" for Enable/Disable,
    Your HEALTH is infinite and will be RESTORED and MAXIMIZED if Low, and you will be IMMORTAL!


    8°) 1 HIT KILLSHOT: Load the Game -> Open our software -> then click "1 Hit Killshot" for Enable/Disable,
    Just HIT any Enemy at least once to kill him, regardless of whether he's a NORMAL Enemy or a BOSS.


    9°) INF RANGE ATTACK: Load the Game -> Open our software -> then click "Inf Range Attack" for Enable/Disable.
    Your Ranged Attack Bar is endless, and will be RESTORED and MAXIMIZED if empty!


    10°) INF TENSION BAR: Load the Game -> Open our software -> then click "Inf Tension Bar" for Enable/Disable,
    Your Tension Bar is endless, and will be RESTORED and MAXIMIZED if empty!


    11°) INF KENBUNSHOKU: Load the Game -> Open our software -> then click "Inf Kenbunshoku" for Enable/Disable,
    Your Kenbunshoku Bar is endless, and will be RESTORED and MAXIMIZED if empty!


    12°) STEALTH MODE: Load the Game -> Open our software -> then click "Stealth Mode" for Enable/Disable,
    As long as the code is enabled, you will be INVISIBLE to the enemies,
    remember that this code will only work if the enemies have not yet discovered you,
    moreover during the missions some enemies will see you because of the story of the game.


    13°) INFINITE CASK: Load the Game -> Open our software -> then click "Infinite Cask" for Enable/Disable.
    When you enter the CASK to hide from enemies, your BARREL will have an unlimited duration, unless you or an enemy destroy it.


    14°) INSTANT INTERACTION: Load the Game -> Open our software -> then click "Instant Interaction" for Enable/Disable,
    When you interact with anything, such as a Treasure Chest, a Door or anything else, you won't have any cooldown, and it will activate instantly!


    15°) STOP MISSIONS TIMER: Load the Game -> Open our software -> then click "Stop Missions Timer" for Enable/Disable.
    During some missions you will notice that there will be a Timer that will put you in a hurry,
    but by activating this code while the timer is running you will STOP it and you will be able to take all the time you need to complete your missions!


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Simple and Intuitive to Use!