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(This link will UNLOCK additional payment methods if you don't have a card):


We are pleased to announce our REMOTE SUPPORT 24/7 SERVICE by popular demand.

Before purchasing our service, the user declare that has READ & ACCEPTED our EULA:

- This service is created exclusively for users who have already purchased any our software.

- This service will require the use of ANYDESK installed on your PC "the free version will suffice".
ANYDESK is an extremely fast cutting-edge program that will allow our staff to connect through your PC remotely to assist you,
of course you can decide to stop support at any time you wish.
Furthermore, our staff will strive to be extremely discreet in helping you and will NOT touch anything without your permission.
(Of course, during the remote connection you can observe all the steps for solving your problem).

you can download it for free from:

-This Service CANNOT in any way be used to request general assistance for your PC,
but exclusively for products and assistence related to the use of our software / product.

- This Service CANNOT in any way be purchased through the SUN KEY / CRYSTAL KEY.

- By using this service you will WAIVE of your own free will any refund request even if the technical staff will NOT be able to solve your problem.
(We always do our best, but not all problems can be solved eg if your PC is outdated, broken etc).

- Using this service will NOT require any voice chat,
our assistance will take place remotely & in written chat, however our support can ONLY be requested in ENGLISH or ITALIAN launguage.

For more information please read the FAQ below carefully!




1) Q: When and how many times can I purchase this service?

A: This service is a real request for help for problems with the use of our products and can therefore be requested as often as you want.

2) Q: After the purchase of this service what should I do?

A: You will simply have to wait online, the first free operator will answer you and try in any way possible to solve your problem "where possible".
If too much time has passed since your request, you can safely exit our store, one of our technicians will contact you at your purchase E-MAIL as soon as possible.

3) Q: If your technician can't solve the problem, will I get a refund?

A: Generally no, remains a choice at our discretion, it depends from case to case, our time as that of our users is precious and MUST be respected.
For us a satisfied customer is worth more than anything,

so we will do ALWAYS our best to HELP & ADVISE our users as far as possible.

4) Q: If my game or my PC doesn't work, can I get your technical advice through this service?

A: It depends, our advice is to first ask an operator through our LIVE-CHAT, if possible we will evaluate to help you.

5) Q: I just bought your software, why should I pay to request assistance that you have to give me?

A: If you have just purchased one of our software or you are a NEW customer, just write to us through our LIVE-CHAT you will NOT need to pay for any service,
you have the full right to ask for assistance, this service is born for those who often need help
or for those who prefer that the our staff prepare everything in the best way,
or simply for those who want to learn the use of our software or any codes together with our technicians, or simply because you have forgotten how to use our software.

6) Q: My antivirus deletes my EXE FILE or BLOCK it, can I still request this service?

A: Of course YES, not being able to open or use our software is absolutely part of your right to request our assistance through this service.

7) Q: Is there a time limit for remote assistance?

A: If we do not notice any abuse, no, we will simply try to solve the problem you requested.

8) Q: Can I request this service several times a day?

A: Of Course, as often as you wish (However, you should have to wait for one of our operators to free itself to help you).

9) Q: Can I use this service because I want to chat with your technician or because I love their company and feel safer about the use of your code or software?

A: Yes you can, but that doesn't mean we can answer any of your questions.
Furthermore, if the operator in question would notice a not very useful use of his time, he can still decide to close the remote assistance.

- Cloudend Studio, Staff -


€ 35,99Price




    How a Chargeback Happens
    If a customer or financial institution disputes an outgoing payment and that payment is refunded to the customer, this is known as a chargeback.

    We treat these types of practices very strictly and can not always be accepted,

    in case this happens we reserve the right without any notice and at our complete discretion:

    - Cancel any of our license keys for life

    - Loss of any of our software updates purchased
    - Permanent disabling of our software also offline
    - Ban permanent from our services
    - Exclusion indefinitely from our forums

    We remember in addition that we can apply these practices even for trying a charback without success.


    - Before buying this product

    you DECLARE that you have READ and ACCEPTED of your own free will our

    EULA / REFUND POLICY and the following notes:


    By purchasing ANY of our PRODUCTS, including PRE-ORDERS,

    you AGREE to spontaneously GIVE UP any possibility of REFOUND, even in the case of:

    - Wrong Purchase
    - Payment Unknown
    - Wrong Use Platform
    - Loss Of The License key
    - Problems With Your PC Hardware / Software
    - Problems With Your Security Systems Such As Antivirus Etc.
    - Difficulties Or Errors In The Use Of Our Software
    - Permanent or Temporary BAN from the Online services of the Related Games & Platforms of Use.
    (Our software is designed and tested to be used exclusively offline, therefore we do not assume any responsibility in case of incorrect or prohibited use by our regulations).

    This is because being digital goods our software and our License keys do NOT provide ANY REFUND.

    In case of any of the following problems you can contact us at our support E-MAIL:
    We also remind you that our assistance will be exclusively in ENGLISH or ITALIAN language.
    (Any other support request that is not in the languages ​​described will be automatically ignored).

    Notwithstanding that the final decision on the support that we decide to undertake will be exclusively at our discretion.

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