Jan 9, 2018



Edited: Jan 12, 2018

In this forum you can participate in our contest, very often during the release of our software we give free license keys for those who participate.

To participate when these offers are available, all you need to do is:


1) Write the release date of our next software

"we announce always in advance before a contest ", followed by the name of the possible software!


2) Hope to be among the lucky ones.




Remember you can write only one name, in one of our competitions between forums or social networks, writing more than one will automatically delete you from the competition.

Even if you guess the name is not said that you will get the key, this because we specify that ONLY the first people who guess the name of our software can win. In case of victory you will see your name on all our forums, and you will be contacted privately by our authorized staff who will give you your license key by email. This will only happen after the official launch of the product is never before!

We advise you not to try to participate with different emails, we are able to recognize who tries to compromise the contest and we take serious consequences for these discreet attitudes. It would not be fair to all participants.


Jan 9, 2018Edited: Jan 9, 2018

Officially open the contest of our new software with release date

FRIDAY,  JANUARY 12, 2018 AT 23:30 CET (UTC + 1)

Up for grabs 2 FREE LICENSES KEYS only for the first 2 people who guess the name

We always make promises, good luck to everyone!


1st Clue: it is a very famous series

2nd Clue: Genre "Action role-playing, hack and slash"

3rd Clue: Release month worldwide for PC April


Jan 12, 2018

Dragon Quest: Heroes II probably

Jan 12, 2018

we remind you that we can only accept 1 reply in any of our social networks, any other answer can not be accepted

Jan 12, 2018

hi! can leave his comment here too, however we advise you to leave only one comment active in order not to nullify his answer

Jan 12, 2018Edited: Jan 12, 2018

We will announce our new software is the 2 winners

FRIDAY,  JANUARY 12, 2018 AT 23:30 CET (UTC + 1)

only after the official release of the software, then in about 21 hours from now

Jan 12, 2018

The competition for our free licenses of FRIDAY, JANUARY 12, 2018 AT 23:30 CET (UTC + 1)

is officially CLOSED!


The correct name was: DRAGON QUEST HEROES II


The winners are:


1) Jòlight

2) a1414


Congratulations on having guessed the correct name of our software!!!!

You are real lovers of video games, we are proud to have you among us,

you will receive your reward at the end of the last control processes.




We are sorry but due to strict controls we had to disqualify from our competition:








For attempted scam in the contest with different accounts.

We never tolerate this behavior.

We advise you to read our regulations very carefully, respecting the community.

Thanks for understanding.